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This set of 5 isometric exercises was prepared by the Ergonomics Faculty of the Central Labour Institute .

Sequences of exercises cover various areas of the body and different groups of muscles, particularly important in light of the functioning of the human skeleton while working with mPosition.

The exercises cover the following areas of the body:

In order to reduce the risk of muscular and spinal aches, it is recommended to:

• Taking advantage of breaks while working. Persons who work with a computer for at least half of their working time are entitled to a five-minute break after every hour of work (Journal of Laws No. 148, item 973)

• Do at least three of the proposed exercises during every break

• Do the isometric (static) exercises while also undertaking other types of physical activity, more dynamic ones (swimming, fitness, jogging, dancing)

• Altering the position of the body often

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